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"Fun, family-friendly gaming!"

Gaming can be fun and entertaining for everyone, even if you are young or have a family of your own. The goal of Mandyrobin Games is to make gaming fun and accessible to as many people as possible. I, Mandyrobin (creator and host of this little endeavor, photo to the left), create all my video and text content with this goal in mind. Here the focus is on the PlayStation family of consoles and the games released for them. Since you are here to learn more about all this, let us go into what types of content you can expect from me.

The Appraisal: My own take on a review segment. Not only do I perform a typical review (analysing gameplay, story and so on), but I also inform you of the ratings of a particular game and explain what content in the game influenced these ratings. To that extent, I look at 3 major English-language rating systems for video games:

  1. Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB): For Canada (excluding Quebec), United States and Mexico.
  2. Pan European Game Information (PEGI): For Quebec, Israel, United Kingdom and most of Europe.
  3. Australian Classification Board: Austalia.
While the primary focus of this segment is on video game reviews, it will also include reviews of video game related content such as television shows, movies and books. The Oxford Dictionary defines "appraisal" as "an act of assessing something or someone."

Rejoice: Named because I love playing video games so much, this is a video series that is comprised of "let's plays" and walkthrough videos for the video games that I play. Some are livestreamed, while others are pre-recorded. Watch along as I play my favourite video games and help you as well.

Zero EXP: A podcast show that I put up on occasion. I focuses primarily on games and gaming-related discussion. The exact topics covered vary from episode to episode, depending on my mood, and one episode may cover more than one topic.

In addition to these "shows" that I will put up every so often, there will also be videos and articles for commentary, interviews, unboxings and whatever else I can think of. Everything will be available through YouTube is video format, this website in article format and can also be found in my social media channels as articles, links and/or pictures.